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Don’t bank on it!

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In June 2016, we found evidence that many financially excluded people are still facing problems in opening basic bank accounts because banks were not meeting their obligations under the Banking Code. Bank accounts are key products for achieving financial inclusion and without one our clients were confronted with several problems. Clients faced challenges managing their debt, receiving their wages, receiving their benefits, and paying bills.

Our report found that: few banks prominently displayed information about their basic bank accounts; banking staff were not effectively trained on basic bank accounts and who is eligible for them; and, people who were undischarged bankrupt or had a poor credit history were sometimes denied a basic bank account.

The report made several recommendations, including:

  • Displaying information about basic bank accounts more prominently.
  • Making it more clear what proof of identity is necessary to open a basic bank account.
  • Educating bank staff more effectively about basic bank accounts and financial exclusion issues.
  • Not excluding people who are undischarged bankrupt or have a poor credit history from opening a basic bank account.

Download the report

Download our report on basic bank accounts to get the full story

Don’t bank on it! (pdf)

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